Applying for a Professionally-Focused Course: Researching Subject Areas

When prospective students are applying for courses which offer a particular professional focus, it’s often important to ensure that the application demonstrates clear justification as to why an applicant thinks they are suitable for the given subject. Supporting knowledge and practical skills may be things that university admissions tutors look for when considering applications. As a general rule, it’s advisable for prospective students to check with individual institutions to find out what constitutes a good personal statement in relation to the subject they’re applying for.

The following weblinks are useful sources of information for prospective students considering applying for specific professionally-orientated subject areas offered at Birmingham City University. Whilst not an exhaustive list by any means, it may be helpful in terms of providing a starting point to research particular professions or to refer to when considering relevant personal skills and/or experiences that might be discussed within a personal statement.


Diagnostic Radiography and Radiotherapy
Mental Health
Learning Disabilities
Information on other nursing specialities (e.g. Health Visiting) 
Speech and Language Therapy
Operating Department Practice
Social Work and Social Care


A career as a solicitor or barrister 


Landscape Architecture

Property & Construction:

Careers in Building





Further information resources

A full list of courses offered at Birmingham City University can be found at

For those considering applying for other subjects and/or universities not mentioned above, a good place to seek out more information about careers in a range of different areas is the Prospects website.

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