Computing Careers Rank In Top 10 Jobs For 2013

BCU Offers Computing Courses That Support Top 10 CareersNew research, released by, has revealed very promising news for graduates of the Computing disciplines taught at Birmingham City University.

Three of the top 10 best jobs relate closely to courses delivered at BCU at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

The site provides an annual review, rating 200 jobs from best to worst, based on their work experience, the stress associated with the role and the outlook for being hired.


Top Jobs

The top job was rated an Actuary. This is a job that fits well with the new MSc Business Intelligence, based around analysing large amounts of statistical data.

The third rated job was Software Engineering, involving researching, designing, developing and maintaining software. This skill is closely related to many of the BCU courses, but in particular, BSc Computer Science and MSc Computer Science.

And, the tenth rated job was Computer Systems Analyst. This role, looking at developing systems from business principles, is particularly suited to the teaching BSc Business Information Technology and MSc Business Computing.

All of these jobs combine together to provide a very positive outlook for students taking undergraduate and postgraduate Computing degrees taught in the Faculty of Technology, Engineering and the Environment at Birmingham City University.

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