Fight! WordPress vs Tumblr

Sadly the below link isn’t an animated battle royale between two blogging platforms.

It is however, a useful comparison between the two popular blogging platforms; WordPress and Tumblr:

BlogInstall | WordPress vs Tumblr – which blogging platform to choose ?

As much as I love the instantaneous, media-friendliness of Tumblr, there doesn’t seem to be a way of installing it on your own domain (unlike WordPress) – thus losing out on much SEO goodness.

So, for now at least, a self-hosted WordPress seems like the best option for those with the access, ability and know-how to publish an academic or course blog.

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2 thoughts on “Fight! WordPress vs Tumblr

  1. You can setup Tumblr on your own domain, I think you point your domain at their nameservers and add the domain you want to use in the settings.

    Whilst this gives an alternative to the hosted “WordPress.Com” service, there is no alternative to the self hosted (open source) Wordpres.Org.

    You can never get full control over a Tumblr site the way you can self hosted WordPress.

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