Are News Publishers Getting Too Bloggy?

I recently took part in a Google Hangout Q&A with Julian March, NBC’s ‘Senior Vice President of Editorial and Innovation’.

Despite a rather ridiculous job title (by his own admission), he gave some useful insights into how traditional broadcasters are trying to react to the popularity of trendy, social media-geared blogs, such as BuzzFeed, Vice or The Huffington Post.

You can skip to the most important bits of the Q&A, i.e. the two questions I volunteered, using the bookmarked videos below.

What are your thoughts on how some ‘serious’ news organisations have adopted a more ‘bloggy’ BuzzFeed-style approach?

How much is content and headlines dictated by SEO at NBC?

The Q&A took place during a session of my part-time MA in Online Journalism at Birmingham City University (where I also work).

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