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Fight! WordPress vs Tumblr

Sadly the below link isn’t an animated battle royale between two blogging platforms.

It is however, a useful comparison between the two popular blogging platforms; WordPress and Tumblr:

BlogInstall | WordPress vs Tumblr – which blogging platform to choose ?

As much as I love the instantaneous, media-friendliness of Tumblr, there doesn’t seem to be a way of installing it on your own domain (unlike WordPress) – thus losing out on much SEO goodness.

So, for now at least, a self-hosted WordPress seems like the best option for those with the access, ability and know-how to publish an academic or course blog.

7 Elements of High Quality University Websites

Having a fantastic social media prescience for your university or college is pointless if it’s directing users to a headache-inducing mess of a website with poor content.

On my web travels, I encountered some useful web usability research from the US on how students use and navigate university websites:

7 elements of high-quality college websites | Teagarden-tech.

Somewhat strangely, the survey doesn’t seem to ask how important relevance, production quality or accuracy of written/audio/video content is to users. But still, worth a quick read!