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Getting the Most out of Facebook Pages

You have to give Hootsuite your details (ugh…), but there’s a potentially useful video guide to the basics of using Facebook pages for a brand or organisation buried here:

HootSuite University, Social Media Certification.

A useful nugget from the video is that 40% of people’s time on Facebook is spent on their news feeds.

Hint: if you work in higher education, there’s more than one brand to a university, whether you like it or not.


Admittedly, this particular blogger comes across as fairly obnoxious, but he does give a good overview of what content-based marketing is about:

It’s not about being pushy. It’s not about slamming people with endless pitches and sales efforts.


Your site/email newsletter/podcast/whatever should consist of something like this:

  • Some posts that are just friendly and storytelling.
  • Some posts that are gentle pushes towards a next action or an ask.
  • Some posts that are pure selly-sell, as I like to call it. Apparently over here they call that an offer.
  • Some (but very few) totally off-topic posts.

via Why Content Marketing is Not Branding | Copyblogger.

Using Sponsored Stories Advertising on Facebook

There’s an interesting news piece on the Beeb’s site on whether ‘sponsored stories’ on Facebook for Barack Obama’s campaign has been a good or bad thing:

BBC News – Barack Obama Facebook campaign sees ‘likes’ soar.

Have you ever used sponsored stories to promote a blog, website or ad campaign? How did it go?

Personally, I haven’t tried the new-ish version that posts stories directly onto news feeds, but found promoted stories in the side bar to be quite effective – provided they were pushing interesting, non-sales, content.