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Writing about Arts Funding

If you’ve followed my little blog over the past year or two you’ll have noticed a few things:

  1. Despite blogging about blogging, I don’t do that much blogging.
  2. I occasionally post content partly intended for my MA in Online Journalism.
  3. I like lists.

So, as you may have guessed from this rather tortured introduction, this is one of those blog posts that goes over what I’ve been working on for my current module’s assignment – ‘MA Online Journalism: MED7017 – Multimedia Journalism Assignment 2: Specialist Portfolio’ to be precise.

So, if that’s not for you, go away. I will not take it personally. Honest. Continue reading Writing about Arts Funding


How do you make your own ‘Snow Fall’ effect?

When the New York Times published ‘Snow Fall: The Avalanche at Tunnel Creek‘ in  2012 it gained plaudits everywhere for its clever integration of multimedia elements and long-form journalism.

Visit rates were huge, and bounce-rates low, as the video and embedded interactive elements for the Pulitzer winning pice by John Branch.

Alongside instantly coining its own rather pretentious verb (“we need to snow fall this”), the article  took a team of developers six weeks to produce.

But the success of it inevitably meant other journalists, publications and content creators, both big and small, naturally wanted to create their own versions – and ideally without the 6 weeks of hand-built development work by a team of high-end web developers. Continue reading How do you make your own ‘Snow Fall’ effect?