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The Dementia Care Strategy

In my blog I’m going to write about dementia, this is because that was my main speciality in practice, and because I have a module launching in a couple of weeks that focuses on dementia and so it is uppermost in my mind. Last year I was thrilled (yes, I really was but didn’t let […]

A case for appropriate treatment?

Since the “Treatability Clause was removed from the Mental Health Act in 2007 and the phrase ” Appropriate treatment must be available” replaced it we have to consider what is “appropriate treatment”?  For example can detention alone be appropriate treatment? In the case of   R(Home Secretary) v MHRT (2004) this matter was ruled on. It concerned […]

Listening to Voices

We have just finished teaching the Hearing Voices Module for post registration nurses, which can be taken as part of the ‘top-up’ to a degree qualification, or as a stand-alone course.  We felt privileged to have a very keen cohort of students made up of CPNs, OTs, staff nurses, and support workers, many of whom […]