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Hard to reach groups? Try drawing nearer. Guest post by Deborah Living

Today’s guest post is by Deborah Living who is project manager of the Connect through Art Project with Full Potential Arts, she is also a freelance arts in health facilitator and a mental health service survivor. Deborah wants us to consider the role of arts in working with mental health service users. What do you […]

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Inequality, health & the credit crunch.

“life expectancy here in London falls by one year for every underground station you stop at from Westminster to Canning Town” (Gordon Brown 2008) I am looking forward to reading “The Spirit Level: Why More Equal Societies Almost Always Do Better” by Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett which was published at the start of March. […]

Mental Health Nursing – Time to flex our muscles?

Last I looked at the NMC statistics there were over 100,000 Registered Mental Health nurses in the UK, Isn’t it time that we flexed our muscles and got our voices heard? Mental Health Nursing in the UK is beginning to adapt to the 21st century. As a professional group we are facing some fascinating opportunities […]

Laughing at the lunatic and distracted – it wouldn't happen these days?

I have always found William Hogarth’s engravings fascinating – detailing both the trivia and the drama of ordinary lives in 18thCentury England. Many of them offer commentary on the problems of the day and perhaps also our own times? In 1735 Hogarth completed a popular series of engravings entitled the “Rakes Progress”. These depicted a […]

Guest Post : Psychiatric theories can be damaging

Today we introduce our first guest poster – Pam Pinder. Pam runs her own website which focuses upon carers issues (see also this link which is relevant to her blog post). In this post, Pam challenges us to consider one possible effect of a well known Psychiatric theory, as usual – we would be interested to hear your views […]

Reflection: Such a Beautiful Notion!!

Reflection – “a beautiful notion” may not be how you would describe this term!   Reflect, reflect, reflect, was all I heard from my tutors during the first three years of my nursing degree. I remember telling my friend ‘if they ask me to reflect one more time I think I am going to scream’. I […]