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An expat in Mexico

This guest post is slightly off the usual subject. My brother,David has been living in Mexico for several years and after a telephone call yesterday I thought it might be of interest if he were to share some of his recent experience there with you.  I have worked in a private school in Monterrey, Northern […]

From Student Nurse to Registered Practitioner – A transition fuelled with Anxiety!

I am delighted to introduce another guest post on the Mental Health Nurse Lecturers Tea party. This comes from one of our soon to be qualified student nurses, Julie Bennett. Julie describes her feelings on coming to the end of her time at BCU – she has promised to keep us updated about how she gets […]

Depot medication – the discussion continues.

The latest guest post on the Mental Health Nursing Lecturers Tea party comes from Bob Tummey. Bob is a mental health nurse lecturer at Coventry University and is becoming quite well known as a writer on mental health issues – see for example . In this post, Bob is carrying on an earlier post from Jim Chapman.   I would […]

Musings of a newly qualified Staff Nurse….one year on !

Hi all I am delighted to introduce another guest post – this time from Julie Cresswell an ex-BCU student who recently qualified as a nurse. Julie has promised to do the occasional post to let us know how she is getting on.  (By the way, this space is open to anyone else – we would really like to hear from […]

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A sporting yarn

There was once a cricketer who enjoyed his sport and got rather good at it. One day, the cricketer bumped into a footballer and said“Hello, I’m a professional sportsman just like you!” The footballer looked at the cricketer with great disdain. “No you’re not” “Yes I am” cried the cricketer in dismay. The cricketer went […]