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Guest post SCEPrE Fellowship : Trevor Adams

This is a guest post from Trevor Adams from the University of Surrey. Trevor is very well known for his work in the area of Dementia care and has been widely published. As ever, we are delighted to feature guest posters – so if you think you have something you want to say then please […]

Let me tell you a story : the Reading for Recovery project

This is another guest post from Julie Cresswell, one of our ex BCU mental health nursing students who is now a qualified staff nurse. (This is Julie’s second guest post – see her earlier post here) Following a comment from a member of staff regarding the lack of reading material on our acute ward, I decided to […]

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Counselling directory – connecting people that need help with the people that provide it

This is a guest post from Catriona Boyle who is trying to raise awareness about this resource. As it says on the ‘about us’ page, we are keen to encourage comment from as many people as possible – if you think that you have something to say then please get in touch with me. A […]

'Secret smoking'

The Mental Health Foundation has this month published the results of a survey which suggests the ban on smoking in inpatient units has been highly problematic, and has lead to ‘secret smoking’. You can read the full report here on the Mental Health Foundation website.   I began working as a CPN when the ban […]