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A Mental Health Nurse?

I thought it would be a good idea to identify the role of the mental health nurse.   Occasionally when people find out I’m a mental health nurse, they say, ‘mental health nurses – all they do is sit around talking all day.  This, and the general lack of knowledge about the role of the mental […]

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A Critical Observation of Critical Insurance

Like many people, I have a mortgage and with it, the necessary life insurance. With mine, I took out the ‘critical cover’ – what this means is that if I die, the mortgage is paid off and if I become ill and cannot work, then the mortgage is paid off. But stop…if I become ill? […]

Schizophrenic man terrifies kids at party

This is a guest post from the people responsible for promoting an anti mental health discrimination campaign called ‘Time to change’. We don’t normally do adverts but I thought that this would be ok – it would be very interesting to hear if you have any comments or observations?  Time to Change is run by leading mental […]