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The value of human life

After reading Simon’s blog post last week I got thinking about why his ideas made me feel so uncomfortable. I can’t help agreeing with many of his points, but when you add them all up – well, I felt there is something in the middle of it that is a larger issue, and one that I […]

Thoughts on assisted suicide?

The Royal College of Nursing (RCN) recently carried out a survey on assisted suicide. It was only open to their members, quite rightly as it will inform the policy of the RCN, but this restriction will result in a flaw in their research. It is right that we have this debate – but it will […]

A losing battle?

I was just reading this story from the BBC about a suggestion that the Scottish cannabis crop (worth an estimated £100 million) may now be bigger than the Scottish vegetable crop. This comes in the same week that we had the story about the sacked Government drugs adviser. As usual then, plenty of stories about drugs. Just […]