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Akmal Shaikh

Despite a clear history of mental health problems in the period leading up to his arrrest and conviction for drug smuggling,  British citizen Akmal Shaikh was executed in China this morning. Anyone with any experience of working with people who have mental health problems will easily identify elements of mental illness in descriptions of Mr […]

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Happy Christmas & Merry New Year!

Seasons greetings from everyone at the Mental Health Nurse Lecturers Tea Party This blog is now one year old – thanks to everyone who has contributed, commented & most importantly read it over the past 12 months – see you in the new year.

Registered Nurse Plumber?

I have noted with interest over the years that nurses (and I am one)  have had an attitude of “I can do that. Give me that job” and indeed nurses have expanded their role quite considerably. When accused of trying to be ‘mini doctors’ nurses have responded ‘no we are maxi nurses’.  We have clearly demonstrated that […]