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“Let “Her” Have it”!

(Post author Mark Jukes from BCU LD team*)  Does this quote ring any bells? Well, to some of us familiar will remember this was the famous alleged line (although it was “Let Him Have It”), from Derek Bentley which sealed his fate at the gallows in 1953 for shooting a policeman. Teresa Lewis died early […]

Universities, the new motorists?

Everyone knows that successive governments have plundered the pockets of motorists to swell the National coffers. They know that we will not give up our cars to use overpriced, dirty and unreliable public transport. It now seems that if something becomes a priority to people and high on their wish list then that too can […]

Personalisation: Where are we going?

This post is by Mark Jukes Reader in Learning Disabilities at BCU – (technical problems are getting in the way of my being able to credit him properly) In mental health and learning disability nursing what does Personalisation mean and what impact does this new wave of ideology and policy have on nurses?  In the context of […]