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Who monitors the monitor?

(This post is by Kim Moore : BCU Mental Health Nurse Lecturer) Current debates on health services are never far from headline news these days. In the wake of the Stafford Hospitals inquiry and the emerging issues of Morecambe Bay Hospital the role of the Care Quality Commission in monitoring and applying quality assurance standards […]

Troubled to trouble maker? Misrepresenting the ‘120,000 troubled families’ in England

(This post is by Will Murcott Lecturer at BCU) With great interest I again see statistics being used to marginalise and foster unhelpful beliefs about the most vulnerable in society. I welcome the injection of thought and funds into helping those in need, but as shown in a report by Ruth Levitas of the University […]

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Courageous MPs speak of personal experience of mental illness in Parliamentary session

(This post is by Will Murcott Lecturer at BCU) I was very pleased to see the issue of mental health and discrimination being raised in parliament the other week, and at the bravery of four ministers who stood up and spoke openly about their experiences of obsessive compulsive disorder, depression and postnatal depression. It’s not […]

Learning Disability nurse vacancies?

Image: This post is by Fiona Rich, senior Lecturer in Learning Disability Nursing at Birmingham City University. I am disappointed to learn that our first year student nurses are yet again being told that there are no jobs available for learning disability nurses, because in fact there are many vacancies for learning disability nurses […]

New Perinatal mental health care course

(This is a post by Pam Morley, Senior Lecturer at Birmingham City University) Many people are aware of possible mental health problems associated with pregnancy but do people realise how destructive these can be?  Suicide in the perinatal period is the highest cause of maternal death in the UK.  Also, maternal depression prior to the […]

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Commercial clinical trials : How do we get health professionals interested?

(This is a guest post by Gemma Borland on behalf of the Heart of England Hub of the Mental Health Research Network) Do your patient’s receive the best possible treatment? How do you know? Every day in clinical practice medications are used, but do you know how these medications have been developed and would you […]

NHS fails to care for elderly?

No doubt everyone has heard by now that the Health Service ombudsman has published a report which is critical of NHS care of the elderly (Report available here) I have not had time to read the full report but what I have seen is a grim catalogue of neglect and incompetence. It is apparently based […]

Uniforms in Mental Health Nursing…or not?

  (Perhaps the last time our Mental Health Nursing graduates will wear a uniform?)   This post looks at some of the issues around the wearing of uniforms in mental health nursing, as usual we would welcome any comments that you may have. Currently, although most mental health nurses do not have to wear uniforms […]

“Let “Her” Have it”!

(Post author Mark Jukes from BCU LD team*)  Does this quote ring any bells? Well, to some of us familiar will remember this was the famous alleged line (although it was “Let Him Have It”), from Derek Bentley which sealed his fate at the gallows in 1953 for shooting a policeman. Teresa Lewis died early […]

Personalisation: Where are we going?

This post is by Mark Jukes Reader in Learning Disabilities at BCU – (technical problems are getting in the way of my being able to credit him properly) In mental health and learning disability nursing what does Personalisation mean and what impact does this new wave of ideology and policy have on nurses?  In the context of […]