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Time to talk?

This month the mental health team is giving its support to the new campaign hoping to end discrimination against mental health. It’s time to talk, it’s time to change. The statistics show that 1 in 4 of us will need help from Mental Health services during our adult lives. However, we also notice that if […]

Shrek theatre asks autistic boy to leave – what do you think?

The mother of an autistic boy said she was “ashamed of society” after her eight-year-old son was asked to leave a performance of Shrek the Musical. James Geater, from Worthing, West Sussex, was taken to the Theatre Royal Drury Lane in London with another autistic boy by four carers. They were asked to leave the […]

Cruel world

The events in Bristol must be a source of shame and disgust to us all. I make no attempt to condone the actions of these appalling people but it got me wondering. If you take the conditions in that “hospital” must we fear similar events in the NHS? A national company set up for profit, […]

Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me truth : Thoreau

Consider these examples: One of my personal students told me that when on placement some staff told their patients that they would do things for them and then never bothered. The student was upset by the fact that staff would systematically and routinely lie to their patients. I did an exam with a group of […]

Universities, the new motorists?

Everyone knows that successive governments have plundered the pockets of motorists to swell the National coffers. They know that we will not give up our cars to use overpriced, dirty and unreliable public transport. It now seems that if something becomes a priority to people and high on their wish list then that too can […]

Another great reform

Another Great Reform. Ha, Ha, Ha finally the management are getting their come-uppance. These people who have oppressed the working nurses for years are all going to be put out of work. After all it’s their fault that the NHS is in the trouble it is. Isn’t it? Before we celebrate let’s take time for […]

Thoughts on assisted suicide?

The Royal College of Nursing (RCN) recently carried out a survey on assisted suicide. It was only open to their members, quite rightly as it will inform the policy of the RCN, but this restriction will result in a flaw in their research. It is right that we have this debate – but it will […]

A case for appropriate treatment?

Since the “Treatability Clause was removed from the Mental Health Act in 2007 and the phrase ” Appropriate treatment must be available” replaced it we have to consider what is “appropriate treatment”?  For example can detention alone be appropriate treatment? In the case of   R(Home Secretary) v MHRT (2004) this matter was ruled on. It concerned […]