Learning disabilities

Learning Disability nurse vacancies?

Image: FreeDigitalPhotos.net This post is by Fiona Rich, senior Lecturer in Learning Disability Nursing at Birmingham City University. I am disappointed to learn that our first year student nurses are yet again being told that there are no jobs available for learning disability nurses, because in fact there are many vacancies for learning disability nurses […]

Cruel world

The events in Bristol must be a source of shame and disgust to us all. I make no attempt to condone the actions of these appalling people but it got me wondering. If you take the conditions in that “hospital” must we fear similar events in the NHS? A national company set up for profit, […]

“Let “Her” Have it”!

(Post author Mark Jukes from BCU LD team*)  Does this quote ring any bells? Well, to some of us familiar will remember this was the famous alleged line (although it was “Let Him Have It”), from Derek Bentley which sealed his fate at the gallows in 1953 for shooting a policeman. Teresa Lewis died early […]