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Shrek theatre asks autistic boy to leave – what do you think?

The mother of an autistic boy said she was “ashamed of society” after her eight-year-old son was asked to leave a performance of Shrek the Musical. James Geater, from Worthing, West Sussex, was taken to the Theatre Royal Drury Lane in London with another autistic boy by four carers. They were asked to leave the […]

A Tough Question

“So, what is madness?” This was the question posed to me by a friend. Obvious and easy answer I thought, seeing as this is part of the job I do day in and day out. “Well, its…” and then I stopped. I couldn’t answer it. Not if I wanted to produce an accurate and true […]

Child and Adolescent Mental Health – Every child matters!

The recent dept of Health document “No health without mental health” emphasises the need to prioritise preventative and early intervention services when responding to the mental health needs of young people. Yet, I believe that people are unaware of the numbers of young people suffering with serious mental health problems.  Mental health promotion for young […]

Cruel world

The events in Bristol must be a source of shame and disgust to us all. I make no attempt to condone the actions of these appalling people but it got me wondering. If you take the conditions in that “hospital” must we fear similar events in the NHS? A national company set up for profit, […]

Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me truth : Thoreau

Consider these examples: One of my personal students told me that when on placement some staff told their patients that they would do things for them and then never bothered. The student was upset by the fact that staff would systematically and routinely lie to their patients. I did an exam with a group of […]

New Perinatal mental health care course

(This is a post by Pam Morley, Senior Lecturer at Birmingham City University) Many people are aware of possible mental health problems associated with pregnancy but do people realise how destructive these can be?  Suicide in the perinatal period is the highest cause of maternal death in the UK.  Also, maternal depression prior to the […]

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Commercial clinical trials : How do we get health professionals interested?

(This is a guest post by Gemma Borland on behalf of the Heart of England Hub of the Mental Health Research Network) Do your patient’s receive the best possible treatment? How do you know? Every day in clinical practice medications are used, but do you know how these medications have been developed and would you […]

A confusion of words?

I am fascinated by the use of words. Well, I should say that I am fascinated by how people use certain words to present a desirable image of themselves. An everyday example is the obvious one of politicians – you can see them deliberatel pausing several times in an interview to think carefully about what […]

Public Spending? stop moaning

Like many others, there was a time in my life that I was skint. Didn’t have two ha’pennies to rub together (to use a colloquium of my mother’s). I’m sure many of you are nodding your head in agreement, with a sorrowful sigh of remembrance. But I wanted my ha’pennies – to be precise I […]

Uniforms in Mental Health Nursing…or not?

  (Perhaps the last time our Mental Health Nursing graduates will wear a uniform?)   This post looks at some of the issues around the wearing of uniforms in mental health nursing, as usual we would welcome any comments that you may have. Currently, although most mental health nurses do not have to wear uniforms […]