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Birmingham City University Hosts Gothic Event at Library of Birmingham

The library of Birmingham is set to host an interdisciplinary Gothic event on the 2 April, alongside an exhibition that will be running from the 7 April until 2 May. The gothic convention and event has been completely organised by second year English student Bex Price and Dr Serena Trowbridge from the School of English at Birmingham City University.

Gothic Exhibition

[Photo by Paul Newman]

The exhibition curated by Grace Williams, a PhD student in the School of Art, is set to include a wide range of works by Birmingham City University staff and students that have been inspired by a new module on ‘Gothic’ as part of the BA English, taught by Serena Trowbridge.


[Photo by Grace Williams]

Serena said: “The event and exhibition as a whole will be an incredible way to showcase work for Birmingham City University students, to network across the Faculty and to be involved in a fun cultural event. We have some fantastically talented students in the Faculty and it will be great to display their work to the public.”

Paul Newman Study for a handle  III 8 x 8 cm

[Photo by Paul Newman]

The event held on the 2 April will consist of several talks between 20 and 30 minutes about different areas of Gothic – fashion, architecture, literature and photography. It will be open to interested staff, students, and members of the public, and is FREE to attend.

For more information please visit: or tweet @gothicinbrum

Exhibiting artists include: Jivan Astfalck, Sally Bailey, Rachel Colley, Alessandro Columbano, Gregory Dunn, Jodie Drinkwater, Joanna Fursman, Anneka French, Bruno Grilo, Ole Hagen, Hannah Honeywill, Shelley Hughes, Sevven Kucuk, Jo Longhurst, Amy Lunn, Paul Newman, Wendi Ann Titmus, Cathy Wade, Grace A Williams and Rafal Zar.

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