CEBE Research Cafe: receiving feedback

25 February 2015, 12pm, Millennium Point 203 Boardroom, City Centre Campus

With Professor Sharon Cox, School of Computing, Telecommunications and Networks

Feedback is a fundamental part of every aspect of academic life. For researchers, receiving feedback on their ideas, proposals, papers and funding bids can be difficult. Supervisors, peers and anonymous reviewers freely invest vast amounts of time to provide researchers with feedback on their work. Researchers need to develop skill in how to receive feedback on their research outputs. This session will discuss the difference between reacting to feedback and responding to feedback. Examples of feedback will be shared to promote discussion on how responding to constructive feedback can have a positive impact on both the process and product of research.

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Black Women and Popular Culture: Conformity, Contradiction or Consensus?

Wednesday 25 February, 1pm-2.30pm, Edge 522, City North Campus

This presentation by Dionne Taylor will examine the complex realities of young Black British women’s interaction and consumption of ‘Black’ popular cultural discourses (Hip Hop and Dancehall).

Through the interpretation of the experiences of the young women, the varied intersections of being young, Black, female and British come into play.

The research aims to provide a unique platform to hear the voices of the young women, who are often ignored or silenced through racist and sexist stereotypes of Black womanhood. The concepts of ‘agency’ (individual and collective) ‘negotiation’ and ‘resistance’ of dominant discourses are explored, as the young women act to define and (re) define their ‘sense of self’ in relation to ‘Black’ popular cultures.