Black Women and Popular Culture: Conformity, Contradiction or Consensus?

Wednesday 25 February, 1pm-2.30pm, Edge 522, City North Campus

This presentation by Dionne Taylor will examine the complex realities of young Black British women’s interaction and consumption of ‘Black’ popular cultural discourses (Hip Hop and Dancehall).

Through the interpretation of the experiences of the young women, the varied intersections of being young, Black, female and British come into play.

The research aims to provide a unique platform to hear the voices of the young women, who are often ignored or silenced through racist and sexist stereotypes of Black womanhood. The concepts of ‘agency’ (individual and collective) ‘negotiation’ and ‘resistance’ of dominant discourses are explored, as the young women act to define and (re) define their ‘sense of self’ in relation to ‘Black’ popular cultures.

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