CEBE Faculty research conference

The Computing, Engineering and the Built Environment (CEBE) faculty research conference are holding their annual conference on Tuesday 14th April 2015, and the full programme has been confirmed.

It begins at 10.00am and will take place in the MP452 lecture theatre, Millennium Point, City Centre Campus. Please ensure your place by contacting


10.00  WelcomeProfessor Hanifa Shah, Professor Peter Larkham

10.10-10.40 CEBE Keynote:  Symbiosis of Man and Machine: A Focus on Hand-arm Vibration: Professor David Edwards, Professor of Plant and Machinery Management

10.40-11.20 Round Table on Impact and PhD Research. Alan Dolhasz, Mo Mayouf, Roshni Paul, Mani Seethapathy

11.20-11.40 Break

11.40-12.00  Investigating biomechanics and musculoskeletal loading conditions of hip joint for an optimal prosthesis design: Mohammad Rabbani

12.00-12.20  Catch Me If You Can: Preserving Geolocation Privacy: Asma Patel

12.20-12.40  Are cost models up to the job of playing their part in supply chain management in construction? Abigail Robson

12.40-1.00 Folk music analysis: Islah Ali-MacLachlan

1.00 Lunch

1.30-1.50  Analysis of Real Time Parameter Modulation in Music Production: Matthew Cheshire

1.50-2.10 Factors influencing enterprise systems implementations in an organization: Mohit Bhardwaj

 2.10-2.30 The Identity Crisis: Security, Privacy and Usability Issues: Salameh Abu Rmeileh

2.30-2.45  Break

2.45-3.05 Engineering and Enterprise Systems: factors influencing the alignments of enterprise systems requirements and technology capabilities: Ardavan Amini

 3.05-3.40  CEBE Keynote:  Blue Skies, research and impact. How to combine all three for a successful research strategy: Professor Mike Ward

There will also be a research poster display.

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