CEBE research seminar

Monday 30 March 2015, 11 am start, Room MP402, Level 4, Millennium Point

Professor André Dorée

University of Twente

Project focus, asset anorexia and strategy myopia: struggles for profit and innovation in the construction industry

Abstract: For decades, construction has been treated as a ‘sick person’. Several reform initiatives have been rolled out to cure the patient. The effects of the treatments are mostly perceived to be short lived, rhetorical or disputed. André Dorée will make a case that most reform initiatives deal with the symptoms rather than the causes. They might spark some improvement, but after a while the industry seems to relapse again. The market dynamics are prevailing. Project based competition has a big impact on the fortune and fate of the construction industry. The underlying characteristics of production in construction and ruling competition paradigms – mostly overlooked – pull the industry and its actors to the natural state of project focus, asset anorexia and strategy myopia. Acknowledgement of the underlying characteristics and market dynamics could be the first step to improve the health, fortune and fate of the construction industry.

Bio:  André is professor of market & organization dynamics in construction, and head of department, in the Department of Construction Process Management, Faculty of Engineering Sciences, University Twente, The Netherlands.  His research focuses on industry dynamics and development of new technologies and innovation, with a particular focus on the construction industry. Currently he is involved in:

– technology development and reform in the Dutch asphalt road construction supply chain (aimed at introduction of SMART technologies in combination with personnel skills improvement);

– technology development and process improvement for prevention and reduction of damages and delays during excavation and placing of sub soil cable and pipe infrastructures;

– innovative tools the enhance coordination, reliability and performance of innercity infrastructure projects (particularly subsurface utilities)

– the introduction of systems integrators as business model for the construction industry;
several projects regarding of innovative procurement strategies as deployed in the public sector

Following the presentation, there will be a Q and A session.

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