The Flatpack film festival is back! So far it’s drawn in people from far and wide with a mixture of films, performances, contraptions and surprises.

This year the festival, which takes over venues across Birmingham every March, have been working with a team of our students here at Birmingham City University to curate and deliver a new strand, Swipeside. The new strand focusses on student, emerging, and visually distinctive work (mostly animation) and one of those works is Elemental…

Elemental is a multi-projector installation that uses projection-mapping to make film and animation much more immersive than viewing it on a flat screen. A collaboration between Visual Communication student William Marler and Birmingham Conservatoire’s Ben Weatherill, Elemental uses visuals and music in unison to explore Fire, Water, Earth, and Light in a way that challenges the limitations of a space. As part of the programmes for this year’s Flatpack Film Festival and Frontiers Festival, Elemental will be shown for one night only on Tuesday 24th March, with multiple screenings taking place between 18.30-20.00.

On Tuesday night (24th March), you can see student William Marler’s screening of Elemental which will will fuse the four elements with advanced technologies to create an immersive projection-mapping experience.

“Over the past few months, I have started to become really interested in taking my work off the computer screen and making people experience it in an unusual way, projection-mapping in particular being a very strong interest of mine. We’re exploring elements of nature, so the piece is very much a fusion between very basic and core parts of our universe and the advanced technologies that have since been developed.

The visuals are intrinsically inspired by the soundtrack composed by Ben Weatherill from the Birmingham Conservatoire, which has been a really exciting part of the project to see develop from early concepts to a final score. Our visual concepts inspired his composing and his work inspired us in return, so from a very early stage there has been a strong connection between visual and aural language.

The projection rig that has been constructed is based on the architecture of the Parkside Shell Space, and is designed so I can place film and animation into that space and let computer calculate perspective and distortion automatically. We’re hoping to build this early rig concept into a part of the Shell, so that future students can explore projection-mapping. The technique is really starting to become a popular way to display visuals in a creative and commercial manner, so we would love to help other students get interested in the craft.”

To find out more about the Flatpack Film Festival: Swipeside, click here. ‘Elemental’ will be shown on Tuesday 24th March (18.30-20.00pm) at The Parkside Atrium.

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