As part of our #WeAreInternational series of blogs, International Admissions and Conversion Officer Rachel Du Croz advises you on what to expect after you’ve made your international application to Birmingham City University…

Rachel Du CrozSo, you’ve completed your application and have been offered a place to study at Birmingham City University – congratulations!  We look forward to you joining us in the UK soon; it’s my job to help you through your admission and transfer to study with us.  Before we can welcome you to Birmingham and our University, you will need to complete your offer, obtain your CAS (Confirmation of Accepted Study) and apply and gain your visa.

If you are holding a Conditional offer, then you still need to meet the entry requirements, whether it’s passing high school, your degree or an English test.  Once you have met the requirements you need to send a copy of the results to the International Admissions Team so that we can change your offer to Unconditional. (If you are a UCAS applicant, you need to look at their website for updates.)

Being prepared for the next few months will help you to make moving to the UK an easier process. But there’s no need to worry! Here are a few tips on making the process as smooth as possible:

  • You can apply for accommodation at any point, and your room will be allocated from July onwards once you have firmly accepted your Unconditional offer.  We have lots of information on our Accommodation pages which will help you choose where to live.  My advice is you want to be as close to your place of study as possible.
  • You have an Unconditional offer…now what?  Well, this is when you pay the deposit.  You can pay in a number of ways.  It’s really important you tell us when and how you pay, and also that you or the person paying the deposit quotes your student ID number as the reference.  This means as soon as it comes into our bank we know it’s your money.
  • UKVI require Tier 4 applicants, or their parents, to show sufficient funds for the tuition fees and living costs in the bank account for a minimum 28 days prior to visa application submission.  The money must be held by you or your parents, it cannot be held by a sibling, other family member or friend.  The money you need is your tuition fee minus whatever deposit you have paid (that will be shown on your CAS) and £7,380 living expenses.  If you are short of the money, or it hasn’t been held for 28 consecutive days, you will get a visa refusal.   There is lots of information on the financial requirements at and on our website.
  • In order to help you achieve your visa the University may ask to see your bank statements. If so, you will need to send a copy of the statement you will be using to us for checking.  If it is your parents’ bank statement you also need to send us a copy of your birth certificate and a letter of approval for use of the funds from them.  If your documents aren’t in English you will need to submit a translation as well as the one in the original language.
  • Once we have checked and are happy with the bank statement, we will produce your CAS.  This will have a unique reference for you to quote on your visa application.  Your CAS is only to be used once: for Birmingham City University and the course you have been offered.  You do not need a printed version, as the UKVI already have their own copy.  If you are applying from the UK your CAS will be sent to our Student Services department who will help you apply for your visa.
  • Once your visa is granted, accommodation is confirmed and you have booked your flights to the UK, you must make sure you bring all your original documents listed on the CAS with you, as we will need them to enrol you.

Following these points will help you in preparing to join us, but if you have any questions we are available to help you.  You can email –, Skype or call us – + (0) 121 331 6714 – in the International Office. Good luck with your application and see you on campus soon!

Leaving your home country to come to the UK to study is an exciting time and you will want to make sure that you have prepared everything in advance. Check out our website for some useful information on what you will need and what life is like in Birmingham and the UK.

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