You can’t deny it, everyone loves a quiz. Whether you’re embarking on your second PhD or debating whether to head back to uni to get that promotion, you’re probably going to fit into one of our 5 types of postgrad students. We’re hitting on a slightly more sophisticated Mean Girls-styley café tribes scenario here, so don’t worry you won’t come out branded a plastic, band geek or jock. But you must be dying to know which postgraduate student you are. Read on to meet some of your fellow clan…

1. The Life Changer

Possibly the bravest of the bunch – they’ve been in work for 20 or 30 years but have taken a risk and given it up to follow their dreams. They may be returning to study after a long break or coming to university for the first time, either to learn more about a subject they have a passion for or to gain the qualifications they need to progress in their chosen career.

Meet our student: Jason Lunn

Jason-LunnHaving worked in the events industry for 18 years, Jason Lunn returned to study MA Event and Exhibition Management to enhance and extend his expertise. On graduating, he set up his own consultancy and has since worked on such prestigious projects as the Good Food and Wine Show in South Africa and traffic management for the London 2012 Olympics.

“The course pushed my knowledge and experience to the limit, helping to bring a new approach to my work.” More from Jason.

2. The Clever Performer

When some of us finish our degrees, all we want is to give our brain a rest for a few years. Not these guys – they enjoyed their time at university so much that they can’t wait to stretch themselves further and continue their study without so much as a gap year in between.

Meet our student: Dhunsyam Daji

Dhunsyam DajiDhunsyam did his HND at Birmingham City University, which he finished in 2012. He then completed his BSc (Hons) in Information and Communications Technology in 2013 and then in the summer of 2013 started his MSc in Business Intelligence.

Dhunsyam can’t stay away and is now a Visiting Lecturer and a Course Representative at the university.

Read more from Dhunsyam on our blog

3. The Eager Beaver

Students in this category just can’t get enough of higher education. Not only did they progress seamlessly to their Master’s, but they’re now back to do a PhD. Their interests are ever-changing but their quest for knowledge continues unabated – as everyone else looks on in awe.

Meet our student: Rebecca Struthers

REBECCA-STRUTHERS-4Rebecca completed an MA in History of Art and Design in 2012 and is now studying for a PhD in Art and Design. She is also a founding partner of her own watchmaking studio Struthers London.

“I’ve developed some very niche interests over the course of my education, so to be able to pursue them without having to find ways of squeezing them into rigidly structured course content is liberating.”

Meet our student: Mohammed Rahman

Mohammed-RahmanPreviously studied an MA in Criminology at the University and is now studying for a PhD in Criminology with Birmingham City University.

Mohammed had no doubts as to where to study his PhD. “The positive experiences I encountered when doing my MA influenced me,” he said.

“The support I had from tutors and the readily available resources allowed me to develop a comprehensive understanding of the issues surrounding crime and the criminal justice system.”

4. The Development Guru

This student knows what they want and how they are going to get it. They have their eye on a top career that requires a postgraduate qualification – perhaps a high-flying role in law, engineering, teaching, psychology, investment banking or international development – and they maintain a determined focus on their chosen target.

Meet our student: Jenna Wallis

Jenna-Wallis-2Jenna was already working but decided to do a MA in Environmental and Spatial Planning to progress in her career. She is now working as a Planning Officer for Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council, Jenna credits the MA course with helping her progress from her previous position and finish her course with a distinction.

“The University’s central location, the new campus at Millennium Point and the excellent learning environment were factors,” said Jenna. “It has also been Sandwell Council’s preferred university to train its planning staff for many years.”

5. The International Achiever

This group don’t let international boundaries get in the way of their ambitions – they know that a postgrad qualification from a UK university carries real weight, and are prepared to up sticks and move half-way around the world to get one. And their classmates benefit too as they get a global perspective on their subject of choice.

Meet our student: Mickey Hisaria from India

“I chose to study here as the course has a good reputation and Birmingham is a multicultural city, which I knew would be welcoming. In 10 years time, I want to have my own business or upgrade myself to a higher level, such as CEO of a company. The MBA International course gives you practical experience of knowing more about global business operations across the world.”

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