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2602, 2013

Tips for promotion – how to make 2013 your most successful year yet…

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By Sonia Hendy-Isaac – Senior Lecturer, Curriculum Design for Employer Engagement

Promotion is the key to unlocking new opportunities and experiences – easy, right? If you are able to develop a clear strategy for your promotional pathway – yes, actually, it can be!

First things first – understand your environment; it is essential when planning promotion to […]

1102, 2013

Top 10 money saving tips for students

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For National Student Money Week (11th – 15th Feb) Liam King, Advice and Information Manager at Birmingham City University’s Students’ Union, shares his top tips to help students save money whilst studying.

1. Pick the best student bank account – make sure you’re taking advantage of the student bank account with the best interest free overdraft […]

802, 2013

The value of volunteering

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By Sonia Hendy-Isaac, Senior Lecturer in Curriculum Design for Employer Engagement

It’s easy to say that volunteering is a good thing to do; by its very nature, it demonstrates that you are charitable, thoughtful and prepared to give time in order to help and/or support others – but for me, that view is a little outdated, […]