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2212, 2014

Prince Charles re-enters the planning debate

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Prince Charles has re-entered the planning debate with the following 10 principles for urban design and planning in an essay for Architectural Review.

Developments must respect the land.
Architecture is a language, with grammatical ground rules.
Scale is key. Buildings should relate to human proportions.
Harmony – the look of each building should be in tune with its neighbours.
Avoid […]

1812, 2014

A ‘highly satisfying’ research assessment

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Andrew Kehoe (Director of Research in the School of English and REF2014 Unit of Assessment 29 Leader) talks about the Research Excellence Framework results and what they mean to the School of English.

In REF 2014 77% of research in the School of English was rated as either ‘internationally excellent’ (3*) or ‘world-leading’ (4*). This is a highly […]

1012, 2014

Are the days of the Licence Fee numbered?

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A recent Ofcom report states that there are almost a million households who have a broadband connection, but no TV. The implication is that these households are still viewing TV content, but online, perhaps through catch-up services via their mobile, tablet or laptop, rather than on a TV.

Is this a problem? Well, potentially yes, particularly […]

1012, 2014

Postgraduate loans – the winners and losers

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On 3 December 2014, in his Autumn Statement Chancellor George Osborne unveiled plans to introduce government-backed postgraduate loans from 2016/17. The proposals expect to bring an additional 10,000 students into postgraduate study in England.

Worth up to £10,000, the 2016/17 postgraduate loans will be offered in any master’s subject, but eligibility will be restricted to students […]

1012, 2014

Postgraduate loans: a student’s reaction

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Emily Bettison is studying the MA in Creative Industries and Cultural Policy at Birmingham City University

Initially when the news flashed up on my phone that the government were creating loans for postgraduate study – I was slightly annoyed, having  just started my self-funded MA this year.

I’m just finishing my first term and it has been […]

912, 2014

West Midlands Police Security Risk

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By John Lamb, Lecturer in Criminology

Late last night an anonymous tip was given to West Midlands Police about a supposed plot to kidnap and kill a police officer. Rightly, a decision was made to recall officers to base and to brief them on this information. Coming on the back of an increase in the threat […]

2711, 2014

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year…

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By Professor Andrew Kulman, School of Visual Communication

If I might be allowed to put the divine birth to one side, here in advertising land we’re eagerly anticipating the new batch of seasonal ads.

How, we ask, might the retailer John Lewis better their Christmas offering from last year? Will a digital penguin usurp the animated ‘Bear […]

2511, 2014

Black Friday – A Giant Vampire Squid for Retailers?

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Birmingham City University retail expert, Professor Chris Edger, comments ahead of this week’s Black Friday.

In 2010 when Amazon transported its Black Friday promotional mechanism from the US (a huge promotional sales day the first Friday after Thanksgiving which kick-starts Xmas shopping) it reaped first mover advantage, its 300 cut-price deals securing 4 million orders; the […]

1211, 2014

Right to Free Movement Re-Focusses on Economic Activity

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An important ruling from the Court of Justice of the EU has today clarified the extent of the right of free movement for citizens of EU countries. In a case involving a Romanian citizen claiming non-contributory benefits while living in Leipzig, Germany, the Court ruled that Germany was justified in withholding those benefits from a […]

2310, 2014

Tesco must stop Hi-Lo and start EDLP

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Chris Edger, Professor of Multi-Unit Leadership at Birmingham City University, comments on Tesco’s falling sales.
In today’s revised H1 statement which declared a 4.6 per cent drop in sales and significant profit adjustment, the new CEO of Tesco Dave Lewis said that the Company’s three immediate priorities included; recovering UK competitiveness, strengthening the balance sheet and building trust/transparency […]