1410, 2014

Why not study Visual Communication at our University?

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Professor Andrew Kulman who teaches on this undergraduate course offers his thoughts.

As a lecturer often given to impromptu tours around and presentations about my School, I have found it useful to think of viable and appropriate answers to the many questions I am asked. Some are to be expected from the wannabe graphic designer, the […]

1209, 2014

The advantages of studying Visual Communication

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Professor Andrew Kulman runs Illustration at the University. A Practising Graphic Artist since 1987, he is also a graduate of the Royal College of Art. His teaching career began as a Visiting Tutor at University of Westminster, Kingston University and Brighton University. In 1997 he joined BCU, running Illustration, since then he has been Director […]

2908, 2014

Student guide to eating on a budget

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Students struggle to eat healthily
Have you just got your A Level results? Perhaps you are a student already and are you about to enter your next year of study? Either way, the plans will soon begin to prepare for the start of term next month. After rising accommodation fees (average costs are £3,400 per year on […]

2708, 2014

Forensic science, firearms and finality in the criminal justice system

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My research considers the interaction between post-conviction relief mechanisms in the USA, the application of forensic science in the criminal justice system, and the doctrine of finality. My research is inspired by work as a Fellow at the Arizona Justice Project. The Project considers claims of “manifest injustice” and “actual innocence” by Arizona inmates, and […]

1808, 2014

Clemency, communication and innocence: thoughts from a community college class

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This week, whilst on sabbatical, I co-taught a criminal justice communications college class in Phoenix, Arizona with a lawyer from the Arizona Justice Project where I am a Fellow. The Project considers claims of ‘manifest injustice’ and ‘actual innocence’ by Arizona inmates, and is one of over sixty such projects across the world. The topic […]

1408, 2014

Boost your career with a degree in architecture

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Professor Kevin Singh is the Head of the Birmingham School of Architecture at the University. A Chartered Architect since 1997, he is also a graduate of the University’s School of Architecture. His teaching career began as a Visiting Tutor, progressing to Director of Studies in the School of Interior Design. In 2003 he re-joined the […]

808, 2014

Social media can enhance the academic experience

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Each year Birmingham City University’s Faculty of Business, Law and Social Sciences hosts a staff development conference in order to showcase and further develop the work being undertaken by staff and students across the faculty. The theme for this year’s conference was ‘Working and Daring: Boosting our Students’ Employment Prospects.’ Jon Yorke and I contributed […]

1306, 2014

Research into the impact of counter-terrorism measures upon Muslim communities – How does my research impact on everyday life?

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Imran Awan, Senior Lecturer in Criminology

Since the introduction of counter-terrorism legislation and policies after 9/11, there has been a significant debate about what impact such measures have had upon local communities and Muslim families, who in particular feel victimised and increasingly are being viewed as ‘suspects’. My research provides a unique contribution towards understanding the […]

1206, 2014

The virgin spree-killer and beyond: acting under the influence

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Professor Craig Jackson – Head of Psychology

It is a fact of journalism that we all know: when a spree-killer shoots or stabs multiple victims and secures a large number of fatalities, the story receives serious news coverage, and such coverage is exacerbated if the shooter remains at large and local police are issuing ‘active shooter’ […]

1006, 2014

Moving from one creative challenge to another: student to professional

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Ella Robson has recently graduated from our BA (Hons) Media and Communication course. In this post, she reflects on the experience she gained during her studies.

As I’m writing this I’m listening to yet another Spotify playlist that I’d made to help inspire me to write some recent blogs and articles. I, much like many of […]