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303, 2015

Coming to the UK: Preparing for the British Weather

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If there is one word to describe the weather in the UK then it is ‘unpredictable’. As we’ve experienced this year already, one minute the sun can be shining and the next you’re caught in a thunderstorm. 

But it’s not always wet and windy! When the sun shines in the UK, boy does it shine. So […]

2302, 2015

BCU Talks To… Ahmed Ahmed

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Food, glorious food.

From international cuisine to street food, Birmingham’s food and drink scene is as diverse as the city itself. Did you know that Birmingham has more Michelin-starred restaurants than any other city outside of London? Whatever your budget or taste, you’ll be sure to find a place that suits your needs. To find out […]

2002, 2015

My first year as an MBA International student in Birmingham

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Welcome to Birmingham! For most international students, coming to study in the UK can be a little daunting but exciting too. What is life like for an International student in Birmingham? MBA International student, Thuy Duong Lai (Vanessa) gives you an insight into her first year here at Birmingham City University…

January 2014 marked a change in […]

1702, 2015

5 Ways to Celebrate Chinese New Year in Birmingham

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From Beijing to Birmingham- millions of people around the world will be celebrating the Chinese New Year from this Thursday (19 Feb). International student Stephanie Chua Yoke Ping looks at how you can celebrate the Year of the Goat here in the city!

Before you close the tab thinking this is irrelevant to you, STOP. You don’t […]

1702, 2015

The road to student life isn’t always straight…

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“The road to life twists and turns and no two directions are ever the same. Yet our lessons come from the journey, not the destination.” [Don Williams]

Your journey in life will have more twists and turns than a Tarantino movie- and that is perfectly normal. In the words of Michael Jackson, “You are not alone.”

Postgraduate […]

1202, 2015

Surviving… a long distance relationship

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Valentine’s Day is almost upon us! Some of you may find it a day to be soppy and romantic and for others it’s a day to crawl up in bed and avoid. But what if you’re in a long distance relationship on V day?

Long distance relationships can be difficult to maintain but also worth while if […]

1102, 2015

Killer Psychopaths: Joanna Dennehy (Episode 1 Review)

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Catch Professor David Wilson on Channel 5 in his new series 'Killer Psychopaths' (Tuesday 9pm)

1002, 2015

Become a financially savvy student on National Student Money Week

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Saving money is easier said than done. Put your hands up if you regularly say you’re not going to eat out this week then find yourself in Nando’s with your friends tucking into a Peri-Peri chicken… See, we’ve all done it. It takes some willpower but saving money can be done. To coincide with National […]

602, 2015

Dear #BCUstudents: “I’m worried about moving to a new city”

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Niall Magennis is the Student Union President at Birmingham City University. He moved to Birmingham from Ireland in 2010 to study BA (Hons) Media and Communication.

When I first arrived at the Coppice in City North Campus, ‘Oh my goodness, say something else!!!’ seemed to be the theme of my Welcome Week. I thought everyone around […]

602, 2015

Dear #BCUstudents: “I’m worried about making friends”

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Jay Shakoor is a third year BSc (Hons) Psychology student at Birmingham City University.

“OH MY GOD YOU STUDY PSYCHOLOGY! What am I thinking now then?” is usually the response from everyone when asked, “What are you studying at uni?” Don’t get me wrong, university is an amazing experience, but the enjoyment in repetitive small talk […]