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3103, 2015

Another ‘old friend’ disappears

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By Dr Steve McCabe, Birmingham City Business School 

Today’s announcement that the local bakery company Firkins has closed down with the loss of 100 jobs is, as always, a tragedy for the families affected by a sudden loss of income.

Firkins is a company that will be very familiar to those who live in the West Midlands […]

2703, 2015

Why did Microsoft’s Internet Explorer fail to deliver?

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Professor Mike Jackson, Birmingham City Business School

There have been reports in the computing press last week that Microsoft will cease developing Internet Explorer as part of Windows 10. Its eventual fate will be to be replaced with software which is currently known as Project Spartan and will be renamed when Microsoft’s marketing department decide how […]

2303, 2015

#WeAreInternational: Living the Dream

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As part of #WeAreInternational – a national social media campaign which celebrates international students studying in the UK, our international #BCUstudents will be sharing their thoughts and experiences on studying here at Birmingham City University. Look out for the #WeAreInternational hashtag and tell us your story! 

From India to Birmingham, Business and Human Resource Management student […]

503, 2015

Cameron has been scarred by his experience of TV debates

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Dr Steve McCabe, Birmingham City Business School

It’s a bit rich of Cameron who in the period preceding the last election goaded the then prime minister, Labour leader Gordon Brown to engage in a TV debate so that, like the USA where such events are common, the voters could see the key people who they would […]

2002, 2015

Obama needs to recognise the Internet’s success isn’t just down to America

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Professor Mike Jackson, Birmingham City Business School

There is much to be praised in President Obama’s plan for a free and open Internet  and much which might inform the polices of European Governments.  On the other hand, in his interview to Recode, he makes claims which really should be challenged:

Obama said: “We have owned the Internet. Our […]

409, 2014

The conundrum of economic growth

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Birmingham City Business School’s Dr Steve McCabe comments on the CBI’s prediction that UK growth will slow in the second half of 2014.

The announcement by the CBI that it expects UK economic growth to slow in the second half of this year is interesting and, of course, somewhat worrying.

Compared to only last year the forecast […]

1306, 2013

Why you should visit BCU

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Michelle Dzumbunu, Birmingham City Business School student

After receiving my offer to study at Birmingham City University, I was invited to an Applicant day specifically tailored for my course. I got the opportunity to listen to talks from the lecturers in the department I would be based, providing a more detailed overview of my course. To […]