3103, 2015

Another ‘old friend’ disappears

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By Dr Steve McCabe, Birmingham City Business School 

Today’s announcement that the local bakery company Firkins has closed down with the loss of 100 jobs is, as always, a tragedy for the families affected by a sudden loss of income.

Firkins is a company that will be very familiar to those who live in the West Midlands […]

2601, 2015

How significant is Greece’s general election?

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Dr Steve McCabe – Birmingham City Business School

The Greek election has huge significance. Voters there have voted for a party committed to tearing up the agreement made with the ‘troika’ of the IMF, EU and ECB (European Central Bank) that has provided an economic package of £185 billion since 2010. Greece, we should remember, suffered […]

1609, 2014

The rise and fall of Phones 4u

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Dr Steve McCabe – Birmingham City Business School 

Fascinatingly the person who founded the company Phones 4u John Caudwell, who sold it for £1.5 billion in 2006, became involved by a mixture of accident and pragmatism. He was a car dealer and wanted a way to contact prospective buyers. So in the mid 1980s he discovered […]

409, 2014

The conundrum of economic growth

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Birmingham City Business School’s Dr Steve McCabe comments on the CBI’s prediction that UK growth will slow in the second half of 2014.

The announcement by the CBI that it expects UK economic growth to slow in the second half of this year is interesting and, of course, somewhat worrying.

Compared to only last year the forecast […]

109, 2014

The Tesco dilemma: what to do next?

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Dr Steve McCabe, Director of Research Degree Programmes, Birmingham City Business School

If Dave Lewis, the new chief executive of Tesco, is a football fan he will be well aware of the fact that Louis van Gaal, Manchester United’s latest manager, is finding life tough. Only a couple of seasons ago Man United were a club […]

2008, 2013

The on-going saga of HS2

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By Dr Steve McCabe – Birmingham City Business School

Birmingham City Business School is one of the longest established and most respected Business Schools in the UK, with a strong focus on practice-based learning alongside links to services and business. With over 3,200 students, it is also now one of the largest Business Schools and enjoys enormous […]

2703, 2013

Cyprus saved but worse to come

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By Dr Steve McCabe – Birmingham City University’s Business School

Any temptation to celebrate the EU/INF bailout of Cyprus and that the dream of a ‘United States of Europe’ will have been tempered by the fact that this deal is not one that will be good for anyone in particular; least of all Cypriots who can […]

2603, 2013

China’s thirst for natural resources continues

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By Dr Steven McCabe – Birmingham City Business School

The economic problems experienced in this country the early 1970s were, in large part, caused by the price of oil rapidly increasing.

Though we were to become a major oil producer, our development of the North Sea was still under development.

Our economic expansion in the decades after the […]

1203, 2013

Can you be too successful too soon in business?

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By Dr Steven McCabe – Birmingham City University’s Business School

The BBC website contains a story about a San Francisco-based online fashion company American Giant which describes what happens if you experience sudden success, in terms of customer orders, which cannot be fulfilled.

Nobody who starts a business wants to be anything less than successful.

However, as the […]

1102, 2013

Valentines – The Rise of Key Calendar Events

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Professor Chris Edger, Birmingham City Business School

For High Street retailers Valentine’s Day represents the first key calendar trading event after Christmas. Retailers will be seeking to optimise item sales located around the occasion; supermarkets offering ‘linked promotions’ and discounts in food, drink, floral and stationary categories, ‘clustering’ product and merchandising at key impulse purchase sites […]