1410, 2014

Why not study Visual Communication at our University?

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Professor Andrew Kulman who teaches on this undergraduate course offers his thoughts.

As a lecturer often given to impromptu tours around and presentations about my School, I have found it useful to think of viable and appropriate answers to the many questions I am asked. Some are to be expected from the wannabe graphic designer, the […]

2409, 2014

National Work-Life Week

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By Professor Craig Jackson – Professor of Occupational Health Psychology 

Aristotle once observed that “All work distracts and absorbs the mind”. He had a point. Like it or not, our job is the single biggest occupier of our time on this planet, after sleeping. So it makes sense then to try and get this whole work-thing sorted.

National […]

906, 2014

Qualifications aren’t enough? What are your options?

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Shona McQuillan is a senior adviser and manager of the Course Enquiries Team at Birmingham City University. Shona has experience of over 16 years in Higher Education and has advised thousands of prospective students about course options and applying to university.

Are your grades not as you expected? Are you unsure as to whether your current […]

206, 2014

Education or babies – the choice is yours…

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By Sonia Hendy-Isaac – Senior Lecturer, Curriculum Design for Employer Engagement. 

As well as teaching and researching, Sonia is a published poet with a keen interest in contemporary poetry, revisionary fiction, feminism and gender studies, postcolonial theory, linguistics and the construction of meaning, and creativity and culture. 

I write this in response to Kirsty Allsopp’s latest interview […]

1605, 2014

My first student placement

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Debs Cooper, Nursing student

Coming to uni to be a student nurse, I knew that half of my time was going to be spent on placement. As a group of students, we all talked about our fears and excitement about placement in equal measure. The day the allocations reports for our first placement were released was […]

802, 2013

The value of volunteering

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By Sonia Hendy-Isaac, Senior Lecturer in Curriculum Design for Employer Engagement

It’s easy to say that volunteering is a good thing to do; by its very nature, it demonstrates that you are charitable, thoughtful and prepared to give time in order to help and/or support others – but for me, that view is a little outdated, […]

1206, 2012

Top tips on making the most of my University’s Open Day

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By Sian Walker, Student Ambassador about to complete the BA (Hons) Primary Education with QTS 

I have been a Student Ambassador for almost two years and it has been an excellent opportunity to get more involved in the life of my University. I wanted to meet new people and learn more about the University and I have […]