105, 2013

Should we take notice of the links between animal abuse and domestic violence?

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Dr Angus Nurse, Lecturer in Criminology, Birmingham City University

Latest figures from the RSPCA show an almost 34 per cent increase in animal cruelty convictions up from 3,114 in 2011 to 4,168 last year, there was also a 15.7 per cent increase in the number of defendants convicted. There was also an increase in convictions with […]

1904, 2013

A rising tide of animal cruelty

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Dr Angus Nurse – Lecturer in Criminology  

Latest figures suggest a rise in prosecutions under the Protection of Badgers Act 1992 with 58 people prosecuted in magistrates courts in 2011 compared to 30 in 2007. According to the Countryside Alliance; the basis for the rise is claimed to be an attempt by anti-animal cruelty NGOs to […]

904, 2013

“Transforming Legal Aid?” More like burying our heads in the sand

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By Dr Liz Yardley, Deputy Director of the Centre for Applied Criminology

Today we see the launch of the consultation entitled ‘Transforming Legal Aid: Delivering a more credible and efficient system’.

Justice Secretary Chris Grayling has argued that we must take significant steps to reform our “Rolls Royce” system of legal aid. The proposed reforms include restricted […]

2502, 2013

‘Terror’ on the streets of Birmingham: But how do we PREVENT people becoming Terrorists

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By Imran Awan, Senior Lecturer in Criminology at Birmingham City University

The case of the would be suicide bombers in Birmingham who were willing to commit mass murder and violence highlights the problematic relationship between many young British Muslims, their faith and what they deem as ‘Western values’. I was recently invited to a talk show […]

2903, 2012

ITV 1 ‘Tonight’ – Thursday 29th March 19.30 Bamber: The New Evidence

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By Mark Williams-Thomas, TV Presenter, Criminologist & Child Protection Expert, Birmingham City University.

The scene that greeted the police officers on their entry into the farmhouse was one of blood-soaked carnage.     In the kitchen on the ground floor, they found the body of Neville Bamber, dressed in his pyjamas and slumped over a chair. […]

509, 2011

Riots and Morals

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By Craig Jackson, Professor of Occupational Health Psychology.

The five days of rioting and incidents that occurred in the UK provide many with evidence that our cultural morals are at a low point. And why should it not – when large groups of people take part in positive acts, we are quick to reassure ourselves that […]

108, 2011

Breivik’s not mad

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By Professor David Wilson & Professor Craig Jackson

“I am fully aware that the media will attempt to label me as a nut.”
“2083 – A Declaration of European Independence” 
Anders Breivik’s manifesto

What does the media mean when describing an offender as either evil, twisted, insane, deranged, mad, or more popularly (when the offences committed are […]

605, 2011

Peculiar sentence for nurse found guilty of encouraging serial suicides online reflects our own confusion

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By Craig Jackson, Professor of Occupational Health Psychology.

A strange sentence for an “internet predator” guilty of encouraging suicide shows the justice system is uncertain about many aspects of online activity.

A former nurse from Minnesota, William Melchert-Dinkel (aged 48) was recently found guilty of aiding and encouraging the suicide of two individuals after meeting them in […]

3009, 2010

Can the Big Society really tackle society big issues?

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A crime expert from Birmingham City University says his first-hand experience of how local communities in America are struggling to cope with big issues such as drug abuse and gang warfare highlights concerns over letting citizens deal with big issues on their own.

Martin Glynn, a criminologist at Birmingham City University, has just returned from working […]