1401, 2015

#BCUgraduation: Rum Reminisces

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BCU Marketing, Advertising and PR graduate and Birmingham City University’s Press Officer Rumandeep Gill reminisces about her big day back in 2012… 

Without a doubt Graduation was one of my proudest days. Having being the non-sporty, non-entrepreneurial one out of my siblings there hadn’t been many days up until then when the spotlight was beamed down […]

2409, 2014

National Work-Life Week

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By Professor Craig Jackson – Professor of Occupational Health Psychology 

Aristotle once observed that “All work distracts and absorbs the mind”. He had a point. Like it or not, our job is the single biggest occupier of our time on this planet, after sleeping. So it makes sense then to try and get this whole work-thing sorted.

National […]

1006, 2014

Moving from one creative challenge to another: student to professional

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Ella Robson has recently graduated from our BA (Hons) Media and Communication course. In this post, she reflects on the experience she gained during her studies.

As I’m writing this I’m listening to yet another Spotify playlist that I’d made to help inspire me to write some recent blogs and articles. I, much like many of […]

1404, 2014

How can a leadership challenge help your job search?

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Roberta Akemy Okamoto is a Brazilian national who recently completed the MSc Management and International Business course

I had the chance to take part in two very interesting leadership challenges through Birmingham City University. In the first one, I joined a team of students to develop a new marketing proposal for Aga Rangemaster, which was exhibited at the […]

2907, 2013

Introduction of tribunal fees

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By Professor Fiona Church, Executive Dean of the Faculty of Education, Law and Social Sciences

New rules introduced today bring in charges of up to £250 to lodge a claim at the employment tribunal, rising to a maximum of £950 if the case goes ahead.

The government is promoting this as a positive move to help employers avoid […]

103, 2013

Work your proper hours

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By Sonia Hendy-Isaac – Senior Lecturer, Curriculum Design for Employer Engagement

1st March 2013 marks another anniversary of the TUC’s Work Your Proper Hours Day – so will you be adopting its mantra and leaving on time, having had appropriate breaks throughout your working day? I can already hear the chorus of ‘the chance would be […]

2811, 2012

What makes a good apprenticeship?

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By John Kimberley, Birmingham City Business School

As regards to the Richard Review, any review of apprenticeships should be helpful in creating the right environment for the expansion and promotion of good quality apprenticeships.

The problem to date is that governments have only found interest in this area when there has been a problem with youth unemployment.  […]

806, 2011

Televised Begging: The Fairy Jobmother

By |June 8th, 2011|Opinion|4 Comments

By Craig Jackson, Professor of Occupational Health Psychology.

A new ultra-low in television’s use of the jobless as entertainment, by Channel 4

Last night, Channel 4 screened the first episode in the second series of The Fairy Jobmother. The premise is a simple and tired one – Hayley Taylor is a work “guru” who takes on a […]

802, 2011

National Sickness Absence Day

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By Craig Jackson, Professor of Occupational Health Psychology.

Our attitudes to taking sickness absence belie how hard the UK really works.

For the last few years, those in the Human Resources field have labelled the first Monday in February as “national sickie day”. Contrary to some media reports, this is not an official day of sickness recognition, […]