2703, 2015

Why did Microsoft’s Internet Explorer fail to deliver?

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Professor Mike Jackson, Birmingham City Business School

There have been reports in the computing press last week that Microsoft will cease developing Internet Explorer as part of Windows 10. Its eventual fate will be to be replaced with software which is currently known as Project Spartan and will be renamed when Microsoft’s marketing department decide how […]

2002, 2015

Obama needs to recognise the Internet’s success isn’t just down to America

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Professor Mike Jackson, Birmingham City Business School

There is much to be praised in President Obama’s plan for a free and open Internet  and much which might inform the polices of European Governments.  On the other hand, in his interview to Recode, he makes claims which really should be challenged:

Obama said: “We have owned the Internet. Our […]

3107, 2013

In defence of trolls

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By Professor Mike Jackson – Birmingham City Business School

Let’s be absolutely straight about this, it isn’t acceptable to make threats of violence, it isn’t acceptable to publish untruths about someone. In fact it’s illegal and it should be punished. But does this mean that all trolls should be locked up and their trolling days […]

2404, 2013

Ten years of iTunes retail

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Andrew Dubber, Professor of Music Industries Innovation at Birmingham City University

The metaphors we adopt and discard are important when it comes to understanding how we make sense of the environment of the internet. Remember when we used to ‘surf the information superhighway’? Thankfully now we just sit at our computers and ‘use’ websites, or are, […]

2204, 2013

YouTube at eight

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Jon Hickman, Senior Lecturer in New Media at Birmingham City University

The first YouTube clip is eight years old this week. I thought I’d write a brief note detailing some of the things I think of when I think of YouTube. Here are five things that came to my mind:
1. Trolling
One of the things that YouTube […]

605, 2011

Peculiar sentence for nurse found guilty of encouraging serial suicides online reflects our own confusion

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By Craig Jackson, Professor of Occupational Health Psychology.

A strange sentence for an “internet predator” guilty of encouraging suicide shows the justice system is uncertain about many aspects of online activity.

A former nurse from Minnesota, William Melchert-Dinkel (aged 48) was recently found guilty of aiding and encouraging the suicide of two individuals after meeting them in […]