503, 2015

Cameron has been scarred by his experience of TV debates

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Dr Steve McCabe, Birmingham City Business School

It’s a bit rich of Cameron who in the period preceding the last election goaded the then prime minister, Labour leader Gordon Brown to engage in a TV debate so that, like the USA where such events are common, the voters could see the key people who they would […]

2211, 2012

Should prisoners have the right to vote?

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Dr Sarah Pemberton, Lecturer in Criminology, Faculty of Education, Law & Social Sciences

Currently, we have a prison population of just under 90,000 people, and depending on the nature of the offence or prison the sentence was served in, as many as 74% of prisoners will reoffend. There are many reasons why people reoffend and these […]

2111, 2012

Will the CBI report be an end to the current patchwork-reform system?

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By Professor Fiona Church, Executive Dean, Faculty of Education, Law and Social Sciences

The CBI ‘First Steps Report’ calls for a more holistic approach to reform in education – wholesale review rather than the confusing patchwork of reforms schools have had to deal with over the past few years.

The CBI are critical of  the current system […]

3110, 2012

Heseltine – praise for attempting to think the unthinkable

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Dr Steve McCabe, Director of Research Degrees at Birmingham City Business School shares his views on the Lord Heseltine Review in the run-up to its launch in Birmingham today. For more from Dr McCabe see tomorrow’s (November 1st) Birmingham Post.

In March Lord Heseltine was commissioned by the Chancellor George Osborne and Business Secretary Vince Cable […]

2802, 2011

Stranded in the desert? Keep 100 dollars in your shoe!

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By Craig Jackson, Professor of Occupational Health Psychology.

Recent news about the plight of British oil workers stranded in the Libyan desert reminded me of my own time stuck in a desert-based oil field with nowhere to go, and how deserts can be the strangest places on earth to work.

The news this week reported there were […]

402, 2011

Let the Egyptian people have their right to democracy, urges Dean

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Professor Fiona Church, Executive Dean of Faculty of Education, Law and Social Sciences

Having directly experienced the protests in Cairo last weekend, I have been paying close attention to the developments this week in Egypt.  I have become increasingly concerned to see the escalation of violence in many areas.

In Cairo I witnessed peaceful demonstrations attacked by […]