2309, 2013

Testing: Who’s it for?

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Professor Martin Fautley, Director of the Centre for Research Education at Birmingham City University

I was interested to read on the BBC news website the comments of a Prep school head, in that he thinks that online tests will replace the traditional written ones within a decade: “Pen and paper exams will be a thing of the […]

706, 2013

Teaching assistants deserve their roles to be considered seriously

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By Lynn Fulford – Associate Dean of Faculty of Education, Law and Social Sciences at Birmingham City University

A recent report by the Conservative Reform Group makes some rather sweeping statements and generalisations about the role played by teaching assistants in our schools, claiming that they offer bad value for money and stating that they make a […]

2603, 2013

Behaviour and mental health issues in schools

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By Lynn Fulford – Associate Dean of Faculty of Education, Law and Social Sciences 

The Association of Teachers and Lecturers reports that there have been sharp rises in disruptive behaviour in our schools over recent years.  It is interesting that most of the disruptive behaviour is considered to be fairly low level, with 79% of staff […]

2401, 2013

Can we have a ‘proper’ consultation for A-level reforms?

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By Professor Fiona Church, Executive Dean of the Faculty of Education, Law and Social Sciences

The changes to the structure of A and AS level exams by the Secretary of State for Education, whilst not surprising to education professionals, were not welcomed. The notion that two years of study in a more limited range of subjects, […]

412, 2012

A-level overhaul: the right decision?

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By Professor Martin Fautley, Director of Birmingham City University’s Centre for Research in Education

The potential shake up of the A-level system, as reported in The Times, has caused some waves in the education sector recently as leaders and policy makers begin to make sense of the coalition’s latest proposal.

The reports suggest that the current A-level […]

1606, 2011

School academies….for or against?

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By Professor Fiona Church, Executive Dean, Faculty of Education, Law and Social Sciences

In my lecture tonight I cover the subject of academy schools – something that has generated controversy and debate.  I will present a short historical and legal perspective, discuss some of the controversy surrounding academy development and look at social and educational effect […]