2603, 2015

Boy Band Breakups: Let’s not be so cavalier to the “Directioners”

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Professor Craig Jackson, Head of Psychology at Birmingham City University

In February 1996 when Take That announced their split, press reports were feverish about the prospect of fans, distraught at the news of the band’s demise, threatening to commit suicide, and being mournful. While we may look back on this with some joyful glee, it might […]

1103, 2015

From the frontline of poverty

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Father Oliver Coss is a Small Heath vicar who sees the effects of deprivation every day. He is speaking at a Birmingham City University debate on child poverty this Friday…

My work leads me to some of the most deprived Birmingham residents in Small Heath.

I see families in poverty for multiple reasons. They can be recently […]

503, 2015

Cameron has been scarred by his experience of TV debates

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Dr Steve McCabe, Birmingham City Business School

It’s a bit rich of Cameron who in the period preceding the last election goaded the then prime minister, Labour leader Gordon Brown to engage in a TV debate so that, like the USA where such events are common, the voters could see the key people who they would […]

2502, 2015

For cinema goers, the future’s bright just not so Orange anymore!

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Dr Kerry Gough, Senior Lecturer in Film and Television Theory at Birmingham City University

As the ubiquitous Orange Wednesdays offer rolls its end credits, the end of an era in cinema exhibition concession practice is marked. Orange Wednesdays represented one of the major UK cinema-going incentives of the last 10 years. However, the end of the offer […]

1803, 2014

When the cure is acceptance, understanding and empathy

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By Sonia Hendy-Isaac – Senior Lecturer, Curriculum Design for Employer Engagement. 

As well as teaching and researching, Sonia is a published poet with a keen interest in contemporary poetry, revisionary fiction, feminism and gender studies, postcolonial theory, linguistics and the construction of meaning, and creativity and culture. 

Some might argue it’s been a landmark few years for […]

2901, 2013

Let’s not make ‘Brummie History Week’ a superficial gimmick

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Dr Liz Yardley – Lecturer in Sociology

Suggestions for a ‘Brummie History Week’, welcome packs for new residents and ‘Brummie Ambassadors’ have all stemmed from the recent City Council inquiry looking at levels of social cohesion in the area. The very fact that such an enquiry was commissioned suggests that there were concerns that ‘social cohesion’ in […]

3009, 2010

Can the Big Society really tackle society big issues?

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A crime expert from Birmingham City University says his first-hand experience of how local communities in America are struggling to cope with big issues such as drug abuse and gang warfare highlights concerns over letting citizens deal with big issues on their own.

Martin Glynn, a criminologist at Birmingham City University, has just returned from working […]