2502, 2015

For cinema goers, the future’s bright just not so Orange anymore!

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Dr Kerry Gough, Senior Lecturer in Film and Television Theory at Birmingham City University

As the ubiquitous Orange Wednesdays offer rolls its end credits, the end of an era in cinema exhibition concession practice is marked. Orange Wednesdays represented one of the major UK cinema-going incentives of the last 10 years. However, the end of the offer […]

2002, 2015

Obama needs to recognise the Internet’s success isn’t just down to America

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Professor Mike Jackson, Birmingham City Business School

There is much to be praised in President Obama’s plan for a free and open Internet  and much which might inform the polices of European Governments.  On the other hand, in his interview to Recode, he makes claims which really should be challenged:

Obama said: “We have owned the Internet. Our […]

1302, 2015

The Digital Dark Age

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Professor Mike Jackson – Birmingham City Business School

In a recent news story, internet pioneer Vint Cerf has warned that our current use of digital technology could mean that future generations are unable to learn anything about us.

For hundreds of years we have written things down in order to make records of what we have done. […]

1209, 2014

Can Apple maintain their reputation as a game changer?

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Apple’s latest product announcements have been some of the most anticipated in years. And rightly so. The last few Apple outings have largely been phone or OS upgrades, but no new products. This time, though, they delivered the much anticipated Apple Watch. On first viewing, it looks like the device will meet consumer expectations. The […]

1109, 2014

Apple may not have invented the wearable computer, but it didn’t invent the smartphone either…

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In any regular year Apple introducing a large-screen thinnest-ever iPhone in two sizes would have been big news, but this year was clearly shaping up to be different. As I wrote on Tuesday, rumours had started circulating that Apple was ready to announce something else, and the bigger venue and fashionista-press guest list started to […]

3001, 2014

Has Sky changed TV forever?

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Vanessa Jackson, Degree Leader in Television at Birmingham City University

On 5 February 1989 Sky Television launched its four-channel package. This year the company celebrates its 25th anniversary – and how far it has come in that time! The satellite market was slow to grow initially, and amid mounting losses Sky Television merged with British Satellite Broadcasting in […]

1709, 2013

A world full of data – the skills we need from young people

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Dr Kathy Maitland, senior lecturer in Computing at Birmingham City University

I was recently one of the advisors nominated to contribute to a new influential report – ‘A world full of Data: Statistics opportunities across A-level subjects’. Speaking at the launch event as a member of the panel, I expressed the importance of data analytics and […]

2204, 2013

YouTube at eight

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Jon Hickman, Senior Lecturer in New Media at Birmingham City University

The first YouTube clip is eight years old this week. I thought I’d write a brief note detailing some of the things I think of when I think of YouTube. Here are five things that came to my mind:
1. Trolling
One of the things that YouTube […]

2109, 2012

How do you prepare teachers for 21st century students?

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Senior Lecturer Louise Wheatcroft of the University’s School of Education says that policy makers should be looking to make more of an effort to recognise the importance of preparing teachers for the next generation of students: one that is both digitally literate and net-savvy.

Louise explained: “What we are beginning to see now is a gap […]

2710, 2011

The Dark Side of Technology

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Prof. Gregory Sporton MA PhD, Professor of Digital Creativity

In the late nineties, Nicholas Negroponte, found himself staring at bottles of mineral water on the conference tables he was spending so much of his time sitting around.  Negroponte, of Wired fame, MIT Media Lab, tech entrepreneur and one of digital technology’s most enthusiastic boosters, wondered how […]